How are you doing with your communicating platform? Being the dynamic communicating service of the tech giant, Microsoft, Skype has been the top choice for millions of users across the different boundaries. With the enthralling bunch of features and services, the communicating platform has also marked its existence in the competitive market. Apart from being the favorite one, there are some problematic occasions, when you face issues like Skype audio not working properly, which can be solved in most of the cases by checking and resetting the settings of the app. Well, for further assistance you can get in touch with professionals.

Besides being the favorite and useful for many business and other professional aspects, one of the classic messaging services is also the top choice for all the professional cyber criminals across the world. In the latest study conducted by the researchers of the intelligence firm, Flashpoint has discovered that Skype bags the number one spot as the source of communication channel for all the cyber criminals worldwide, beating the fine competitors, like ICQ, Telegram, Whatsapp, AOL Instant messenger, We Chat, and Kik. The whole study also looked at PGP, which is an encryption protocol used among different messaging services.

The key reason behind the Skype topping the charts is that the communicating service is enabled with the Microsoft devices and software’s, which turns out to be the convenient point for all the cyber criminals. Apart from this, if your Skype not connecting in a fine manner, you can get in touch with the Microsoft team for all the assistance and solutions.

The fine study also analyzes all the criminal communication strategies, tracking up the communications preference and strategies, tactics and tools of the cyber criminals across the multiple regions from the year of 2012 to 2016.

According to the whole study report, all the cyber criminals are quite collaborative than all the organizations they are kept on targeting- and Russia is the top crime trendsetter. All the Russian cyber criminals are heading to raise up their own competency in the hacking world.


Cyber-criminal groups regardless of their location, skills, language, or the affiliation, tend to share a very strong desire to cut the advantage of cross-communication collaboration, mentorship, and information sharing.

The research also revealed that cyber criminals communities permit for the division of labor, consequently, the economies of scale because several cyber crime schemes depend upon the actions of all the actors working together, including the team of malware developers, botnet masters, payment card specialists, cashers, spammers, and copywriters. Getting collaborated simply permits them to reach the level of higher efficiency and proficiency, instead of acting alone.

Well, the cyber criminal is heading in a fast pace. Being a fine Skype user, if you, if you ever face or experience any malware or hacking activities with your service, then you just need to navigate to Skype Support chat team in order to get the expert assistance and solutions.