Skype, the voice and video calling service from Microsoft has been undergoing quite a few changes in recent times. Microsoft recently announced that the Skype for Windows 10 app came out of preview back in March for Windows. When Microsoft released the Windows 10 anniversary update last year, it did it with an incomplete Skype Preview app which lacked many of the features available in the full desktop application that users were familiar with. Skype preview was built on Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform and has gradually seen new features added with the help of millions of people on the insider program of Windows.

Today nine months since the anniversary update was released Microsoft is rolling out the same update to all windows 10 users, which means the Skype app is now finally put of preview for the public. Coinciding with general availability of the new OS version, Microsoft has announced that Skype is graduating from preview mode for all of its users. You can take Skype Support for more information. The update will bring you some other new features including Group video calling and more;

  • The way by which the contacts of users on Skype connect with the people app on user’s device has been simplified. Skype will display the number of mutual contacts you share, making it easier to find the right people. You can always opt out of this setting by updating your profile for People Search and Suggestion.
  • Messaging-searchable chats, keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips, and send SMS with a little Skype credit.
  • Group voice calling- the new redesigned view brings everyone even closer and together.
  • Calling—switch microphone, camera or to a new device during the call.
  • In case of any query, you can navigate to Skype Customer Service Chat.

Microsoft said in a statement that in other words, Skype for Windows is ready for everyday use, complete with new and improved features. Having dropped its preview suffix, the app has now been simply identified as Skype in the Creator’s Update. The tech giant further added that this all comes in addition to previous features you know and love like the ability to share screens, documents, videos, photos, and files and emoticons will continue to let you express yourself inn all sorts of fun ways. The app also includes exclusive features for windows 10 users such as SMS relay for Windows mobile and Skype Translator for calls to mobiles and landlines. And it’s all free, no matter what device your friends, family, and co-workers use Skype on. Even the languages in not the barrier anymore with the availability of ten language translator in Skype translation including the most recent release of Japanese language and ability to call mobiles and landlines using Skype Translator on your desktop. For any kind of information related to Skype for Windows 10 app, you can navigate to Skype Support Chat.